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Luminous Inverters are manufactured by Luminous Power Technologies, an Indian power and energy storage company with a rapidly expanding global presence, and are distributed in Nigeria by Wandel International Nig. Ltd.


Live a stress-free life with our intelligent range of Inverters from Luminous, which have been conceived keeping your modern sensibilities in mind. Aesthetically designed to complement your home, and innovatively engineered to deliver high energy efficiency – these are Luminous Inverters Systems.

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High Capacity Inverters

Luminous DSP based Inverters rely on the very latest technology used in the industry. Packed with a range of user-friendly features, they are a symbol of convenience and comfort. DSP based Inverters deliver powerful performance with all-round protection.

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Solar Inverters

Luminous off-grid solutions offer power independence to generate solar energy. Run your loads on solar and store any excess energy generated in Luminous batteries. Our solutions come with inbuilt options to charge batteries from the grid, your genset or directly from the sun.

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The battery is at the heart of any power backup system. It is responsible for the performance and long life of the Inverter or UPS solution. That’s why choosing the right battery is critical, and why relying on Luminous – one of the leading brands of batteries – leaves you in safe hands.

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