Luminous Zelio UPS is an advanced intelligent UPS with convenience features such as back up time display, hassle-free battery water level indicators, MCB protection and is equipped with a bypass switch which keeps supplying output from the grid even in case of UPS faults.


  • Grid quality sine wave inverter
  • Wide input voltage range: 110V – 290V (ECO) & 180V – 265V (UPS)
  • Compact and light weight leads to space saving
  • Intelligent back up management – Store average power cut during day & decrease regulation to increase back up time if mains cut is more
  • Intelligent battery management system to display remaining time to charge & discharge as per load
  • Better overload handling capacity compared to ordinary inverter
  • Compatible with all batteries (SMF/Tubular/Flat Plate)
  • Input mains protection through MCB
  • Customized LCD display to monitor parameters
  • Battery water level indicator
  • User friendly graphical display (LCD display) and audible alarms
  • Normal / By Pass Mode (To By Pass Mains Directly to load)
  • Power back up time display in hours & minutes
  • 32 bit DSP Processor
  • Battery Electrolyte Level Indicator glows whenever the battery requires water to
  • Input mains protection through MCB
  • Supports wide battery range, i.e. Flate Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)


Model Zelio 1100 Zelio 1700
Capacity 900VA 1500VA
Voltage 110-290V 110-290V
Max. Bulb Load 685 Watt 1200 Watt
Maximum Charging Current 15A 17A
Gross Weight (Kg.) 11.0 15.4
Dimension LxWxH (cm) 27.5×24.8×12 31x29x13.5
Overload, Deep Discharge, Short-circuit, Reverse Polarity & MCB Protection