Pro Series 3Ph Inverters

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Pro Series 3Ph Inverters

With Luminous Pro range of UPS systems, you get an advanced solution that simply doesn’t stop during power cuts! It’s the perfect solution if you’re running electronic appliances, sensitive machinery, medical equipment, or have heavy power requirements. Examples of specialist needs, for the Pro Series of solutions, are mentioned below.

Top Features

Output Voltage selection

The System Output is very stable with a tolerance of less than 2% within the full operating battery voltage range. To facilitate use with maximum appliances and ensure better performance of attached peripherals, two output voltage settings have been provided. Select between 220V and 230V AC as per your requirement.

Three Input Voltage Window

You can choose between Wide, Medium and Narrow Mains voltage window setting. According to the setting selected, the system will cut the mains when the voltage varies beyond a preset voltage and switch to battery Mode. Choose the range according to the tolerance acceptable for the Output appliances.

Smart Battery Protections

The system continuously monitors the Battery Status and thus prevents any fault resulting in battery or system damage. Also on the reverse connection of the Battery, the system switches to protection mode and does not get on until the Battery is correctly connected. There is no MCB trip or blown fuse resulting from Reverse battery

Intelligent Phase Reversal detection

There is a dedicated LED Indication for Phase sequence reversal of Input Grid supply. The Phase should be connected properly for normal operation of the system. changes.

Key Features

  • DSP Based Design
  • Solid State Design
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Power Factor Corrected IGBT Based Charger
  • Input Current Harmonics
  • Wide Input Voltage And Frequency Range
  • Unbalance Load Handling Capability
  • Redundancy Options
  • User Friendly Display

  • Remote Monitoring


  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Residential
  • Educational institutions

  • Elevators

Technical Info:

Model Zelio 1,1o0 Zelio 1,700
Capacity 900VA 1,500VA
Voltage (Input) 110-290V 110-290V
Max Bulb Load (Output) 685 Watt 1,200 Watt
Maximum Charging Current (battery) 15A 17A
Gross Weight (Kg.) 11.0 15.4
Dimension LxWxH (cm) 27.5×24.8×12 31x29x13.5

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