Solar Inverters: Maintenance

Your solar inverter efciency and lifespan is directly related to how well you maintain your inverter. Solar inverter maintenance consists of yearly inverter inspections and component replacements according to product-specic maintenance schedules. Inverters are highly technical devices and we recommend only trained technicians to install them or run maintenance. Our team of experts have compiled a list of tips and safety measures you should apply to keep your solar inverter running smoothly;


The inverter has been certified to ensure the maximum temperature does not exceed safety limits; however, you should be cautious not to touch or leave any heat-sensitive or flammable items on or near the inverter.


Inverters above a certain size come with a cooling fan to maintain efficiency. Do not cover or limit the airflow around your inverter; this will prevent adequate cooling.


If your inverter is showing an error code or is displaying a different light than usual, this is another indicator that your inverter needs maintenance and that you should contact our Simba Service team at your earliest convenience.


You are required to leave enough distance around the inverter in case an authorized service person or, in case of emergency, a fire marshal needs to access it.


Very dusty conditions may require a technician to clean the inverter’s air intake filter. Do not attempt to open your inverter. Contact our Simba Service team at 07001112233.


As a general rule, if your inverter has a fan for cooling, you should leave 12 inches clear around the unit.


Pets and children should be kept away from your inverter.